Why not “The God who Dances.”?

This is a new book about Krishna. Those who know Krishna know that He’s the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the cause of all causes, the origin of all. He’s not one of many gods; He’s the sole Deity of all monotheistic spirituality. So why the “A”?

The title of this new book comes from a quote by Nietzsche, the renowned German philosopher also noted for saying, “God is dead.” Nietzsche said, “If they want me to believe in their God, they will have to sing me a better song . . . I could only believe in a God who dances.”

The thesis of this book is that Nietzsche’s missing God is Krishna. There’s lots of bias against Krishna; most strikingly, people who could not pick God out of a lineup still say with conviction that He cannot be Krishna. What a shame! Krishna is amazing, He’s kind, and He dances the life back in to a dead or comatose idea of God.

-Carl Woodham