The following is a recorded version of the Bhagavat Purana’s Tenth Canto taken from A God Who Dances by Carl Woodham, read live as part of the syllabus at the Bhakti Academy, Gainesville, Florida, in March, 2011.

Chapter 1-Vasudev and Devaki Chapter 2-KamsaChapter 3-Nanda and YasodaChapter 4-Cowherd BoysChapter 5-BrahmaChapter 6-KaliaChapter 7-AutumnChapter 8-GopisChapter 9-Indra and VarunaChapter 10-The Rasa DanceChapter 11-AkruraChapter 12-In MathuraChapter 13-UddhavaChapter 14-In HastinapurChapter 15-In DvarakaChapter 16-RukminiChapter 17-The Syamantaka JewelChapter 18-Krishna’s QueenChapter 19-ShivaChapter 20-NrigaChapter 21-BalaramChapter 22-NaradaChapter 23-The PandavasChapter 24-SalvaChapter 25-Balarama’s PilgrimageChapter 26-SudamaChapter 27-In KuruksetraChapter 28-In MithilaChapter 29-The Personified VedasChapter 30-VishnuChapter 31-Krishna